Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back in the Saddle

tour de troit
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Believe it or now, there is for once a decent reason for my extended absence lately. I have been in the saddle. A lot. Somewhere between 120 and 140 miles last week.

There have actually been quite a few road rides. On evenings after work, we've been getting on our bikes and taking off, not returning until after midnight. It feels good to just be out there pedaling, putting mile after mile behind you.

Saturday, we did the Tour De Troit. 40 miles through the city. It was a really cool experience, with hundreds of riders...

A police escort....

The escort for tour de troit

And a beer by the abandoned train station when all was said and done.

train station and beer
So that's where I've been, and where I'll be until after Iceman.

I am getting stoked about Iceman, we have our hotel (with hot tub!), and are getting in prime shape for it.

I have a lot of things to be stoked about, actually. In November, we're going back to Italy. We're setting the itinerary for that now.

And I just found out that we've been approved to go to SXSW in March of next year! The cool thing about that is that we were able to get a hotel room downtown, by the festival, and we don't need to do what we did last year, which was stay at a hotel by the Interstate, rent a car, and drive into the city each day, spending a nightmare hour getting parking, then back to the hotel at 2 am, repeat each day. The hotel was expensive, but cheaper than a dumpy hotel and a rental car.

Also, we took the Bean to the vet Monday. Despite the fact that she went for the vet's face (yeah, she does that), he said her diabetes is improving, and switched her to one shot a day. Which means that she's easier to treat, and that, when we need to hire a catsitter when we go out of town, we only need to pay them for one visit/day.

Now, I just need to find a dogsitter... anyone want to watch a lazy, mellow husky while we're in Traverse City, Italy and Austin?


Jennifer said...

Does Shane travel? I've become well-practiced in keeping the Zenzinator off of dogs "of a certain age" who do not wish to be pounced upon. Barkley is 10 and will vouch for me!

Shane can have the queen sized bed in Moose's old room, his own TV, and total control over the remote. Think about it.

Either way, the beer fairy looks forward to dropping off some cold ones for the sake of tradition, and a couple of boxes of unbleached cone-shaped coffee filters just to make you writhe with ... abhorrence and repugnance, because you're so cute when you writhe.


So glad to hear about the prickly princess's diabetes improvement! (Probably not as glad as she is..., but glad just the same.)

alpharat said...

The little guy does travel. Quite well, actually. Unfortunately, this will be a "bike wagon" drive, where all of the humans will be precariously and uncomfortably piled upon bike gear. In that situation, he's not a great traveller.