Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Khan was a good dog

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Z just blogged that she no longer calls pit bulls by that name due to negative connotations (she calls them brindle bull terriers). It got me thinking about Khan, and how I wanted to mention him here briefly.

Khan was a friend's dog. He was a pit, or a brindle, or whichever you'd like to call him. Regardless of the name of his breed he was a big sweetheart.

He had some weird personality quirks. For example, in this photo, he was sitting in his owner's truck in the driveway during a barbecue. Why? He liked it. He loved to sit in the car. He sat there for an hour or so, watching the festivities go by, occasionally honking the horn and getting everbody's attention.

He was also the strongest dog I've ever known. He would routinely "play" with dumbbells that were so heavy that, as he ran around with them in his mouth he would be tilted forward, running only on his front legs, his back legs off the ground.

He also would let you pick him up like this:

So, yeah, this dog was all muscle, and intimidating because of it. He was also well-trained and very gentle with people and children. I could shove him out of the way on the couch, and know the only retaliation I'd get was him planting his butt down and going dead weight so I couldn't move him.

Khan was a good dog.

He passed away quietly in his sleep a few weeks ago. He was old; it was just time.

I'll miss him at the Dream Cruise Barbecue this year.


Angeline Rose Larimer said...

Great follow-up about a good brincle.

Love the sitting in the car honking the horn story. He so totally should have been Spuds Mackenzie.

Jennifer said...

To clarify, brindle refers to the coat color, and bull terrier refers to breed.

Khan looks to be a beautiful brindle bull terrier with black and white markings! He has more fawn in his brindle than Zenzi does; absolutely beautiful coat, and just look at that engaging smile.

Have you seen Myrtle's latest flickr posts of the Great Lakes Bullyz? Off she went to the sand dunes with my grandson to play with three enormous ... bull terriers (liver, in color). They call them "pits," too. Gorgeous dogs with massive heads, and somehow the three children who've grown up with these dogs since puppyhood still have all their limbs. Why has THIS story not made the headlines?

It bothers me that when we say "pit" or "pit bull" that people react the way they do. If I told people my children were of Italian descent, would they immediately duck for fear the kids are carrying Tommy guns?

If my kids are carrying Tommy guns, it's because I taught them to, not because it's in their genes.

It's always sad when a good dog ... leaves us. I'm sure Khan will be greatly missed. I feel a little misty.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

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