Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Breast Fest Is Back!

Benefit Flyer

As per usual, I've been lax on posting here. It's not for lack of love, I've just been very busy. I have found myself in a multitude of projects and diversions, that range from getting out on my bike to tiling my basement, and include finding the best bar patio in Detroit, where one can sit in barbwire-enclosed safety, drinking High-Lifes and watching the world, such as it may be in that neighborhood, wander by. It's kind of like a post-apocalyptic zombie film sometimes.

And I've been working on the benefit again.

This year's benefit will be bigger and better than ever. It's all starting on May 30 with an art exhibition. A ton of Detroit artists and musicians have donated pieces for the gallery show, and all of the proceeds are going straight to the charity.

Then, on June 9, there will be the show. I am seriously excited about this year's lineup, and we've put together a great bunch of bands.

Check them out:

The Displays

Piel Plastica

Dutch Pink

60 Second Crush

As always, I am amazed when we put something like this together. Despite all of the work that goes into it, the 10 million emails, the plotting etc., there are so many people willing and wanting to help. I know a big part of it has to do with how many people's lives have been touched by breast cancer, but it's still really nice that people want to get involved.

And as an additional as always, I am still very indebted to D at The Belmont, for letting us take over his bar for the evening.

And that's the state of things right now. I wish I could promise to get better about posting more often in the forseeable future, but I know that basement ain't gonna tile itself (although I do promise some "after" pictures, even though I was too embarrassed for "befores"), nor is the High-Life going to drink itself.


Jennifer said...

I'm pleased to learn that your benefit is for the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure. The Foundation is very highly rated, and is among the top three most efficiently run breast cancer research organizations. Great choice, fun way to help a serious cause, and the poster is fabulous! Who designed it?

For those who can't attend the benefit in person, The Foundation does accept online donations at komen.org.

alpharat said...

I benefit from having a very talented in-house designer to work with. The poster was created by none other than The Fabulous Nicole.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...


Yer scaring me.

Still hoping to make it.
In the meantime, shall we advertise on our blogs?