Monday, October 30, 2006

Seven Is Magic.

Seven is magic.

There are seven ages of man.

There are seven seas.

There are seven deadly sins.

There are seven wonders of the world.

If you look here, there is an essay that calls out many more significant sevens, including the superstitious idea "In Iranian folklore the cat has seven, not nine, lives."

No matter what you believe, seven shows up in too many ways and forms to not be significant.

Seven is also the age of my marriage today. It's apparently the "wool anniversary", but we are treating it instead as the "pasta anniversary". We have reservations at Mario's tonight. It's easy to get last-minute reservations in Detroit on my anniversary, due to the whole "Devil's Night" paranoia that grips the suburban dwellers on this night. It's unfounded anymore; Devil's Night is more or less nonexistent in the city. That arsonists seem to have moved to Highland Park, a small suburb that has all of the blight of Detroit in a smaller area.

Reservations will probably be easier to get in the light of recent events in the news. Today, Detroit was named the second-most dangerous city in the U.S. We came in second to St. Louis. That's two second place finishes to St. Louis in one week! Always the bridesmaid...

Yarrrr! It was mutiny!
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So Happy Anniversary to me! And thanks to Nicole for putting up with me all this time... here she is at our pirate-themed Halloween party this weekend, suffering the effects of a recent mutiny...


Jennifer said...

I was hoping you'd mention the Most Dangerous City rankings. Know what I think? I think that if The City of Detroit could afford more police officers, we'd see a more accurate reflection of the situation. Not to say that Detroits finest aren't fine; just askin', how many cops can a brankrupt city afford, and without cops, how do crimes get reported?

The numbers are OFF, I'm telling you! St Louis may have won the World Series, but I felt completely safe the entire time I was there!

Happy 7th to you & the Mrs!

Rain said...

The closest honoree near me is Camden which I think got bumped down to like third.

for some reason many of us are thinking about the 7 deadly sins, must be some sinful thoughts going around.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I mean, "Arrrgh!"

Happy (belated) Anniversary!

A pirate theme! How fantastic. Tom and I have never even had a party.
I'm too tired to go figure out what's cool about the number 8.

It was so great seeing you last weekend. Really mean that.
Even though it was short and most of you were in pain.
Everyone was as fantastic in person as I suspected. Sure made it difficult leaving MI for Indy knowing so many great folks inhabit your big blue state.
*St. Louis wasn't scary. It was kinda sad, but not scary. So many decaying buildings along the river.
*Going back to watch the election results for another three hours.
Just wanted to chat for awhile since I've been so bad about it lately.
Hugs to Nicole, Abishag and Stray Thoughts. One for you, too.