Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Photos of Team Angry Monkey at the Tree Farm Relay

Sunday, Team Angry Monkey took part in the Tree Farm Relay. We had three teams of four representing.

Sitting at the starting line, waiting for the relay exchange. Check out my wicked wheelie!

Nicole and I hanging out at base camp. Note the red plastic cups. For those who are unfamiliar, this is the universal sign of public alcohol consumption. This also means the photo was taken after the race.

(Almost) the entire crew. This was taken before the race, and Paula, our starter couldn't sit still to pose for a photo, as she was raring to go. This is because Paula is hardcore, and she does 100-mile races. We are not as hardcore as Paula.

The next two photos were taken by an on-site photographer:

Team Angry Monkey flying the Jolly Roger. We're pretty.

(c) 2006 Ten Mile Media - Hans Nybergand

This is my relay team on the "winner's podium". Chelsea the dog was an honorary member. That's Paula in the front. We finally got her to sit still. This is after she rode her bike an hour to the race, raced, rode an hour home, showered and changed, and came back for a beer. It's not easy to get her to sit still.

(c) 2006 Ten Mile Media - Hans Nybergand

This is Adam of Team Angry Monkey crossing the finish line with the Jolly Roger, which had been discretely handed to him at the beginning of the finish chute.

Proof of the win (AKA the booty).


stray_thoughts said...

Showin' off the booty...I'm a little jealous, all that work and no booty. Oh well, there's always next year.

I had a great time, btw, and look forward to doing it again.

Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I love you guys.

No booty? What? Isn't that Stray Thoughts in the hat? Booty-licious.

Seriously, my sister is totally available.

Can I borrow the Jolly Roger flag? Will it be at Angry Monkey Ice Man Cometh?

stray_thoughts said...

Yes, that's me. Thanks for refering to me as booty-licious, right back at'cha, but you know I was refering to the trophy.

As for your sister...I doubt I'd be her type. I only rock about 50% of the time, and I know she's a professional rocker.

The flag is Alpha's, so make like a real pirate...compliment him on his booty and swipe it when he isn't looking...

alpharat said...

The flag will be at Iceman, unless I can get a monkey and crossbones flag by then... ST, you busy?