Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Something to believe in...

With all of the messages being shoved at you all the time, it's nice to hear a message that is pure, positive and inspirational to me.

I miss my bike, and going for rides. On a positive note, I have been sans crutch since yesterday afternoon, and while it's still wrapped in a bandage and a little sore, recovery seems to be coming along nicely. Maybe next week I'll go for a bike ride.

TFN is doing very well on her extended voyage. She had a verified encounter with a rattlesnake yesterday, and everyone walked/slithered away with no serious confrontation.

The world keeps turning.

Dogs and cats continue their strained alliance.

C'est la vie.


Jennifer said...

For a very brief moment there, I thought you might be getting political. Then I remembered, Team Obama wears blue or white shirts.

This made me want to go for a leisurely cruise today, but I'm very busy procrastinating a geometry lesson plan and waiting for an Obama Organizing Fellow to pick up ... my old bike, for their use, while they're in town.

I hope the weather will cooperate by being clear and mild on your first day back on the bike. You're earning your ride the hard way.

Angeline Larimer said...

So what's a good bike?

My neighbor's been very good for me. Found out at a party a few weeks back that she wants to get in shape, so had gotten herself a bike. Her problem is meeting up with her bike friends, and I don't have a bike because I'm a frightful person when it comes to car traffic.

It MIGHT have something to do with Jamoker getting hit by a board while on a ride, then taking a tumble and breaking his collar bone.

But. To be fair to my neighbor, I should try giving it a go one of these days.
Not to mention, I'd really love to go biking with the kids.

If I could find a traffic free place to do it.

Going outside now.
Thanks for the positive sigh.

Jennifer said...

Get a trail bike, Ange. Just 'cause Jamoker's a road rider doesn't mean you have to be!

alpharat said...

I gotta go with Z. Get a trail bike, or a hybrid, something you sit more upright on.