Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's all about putting bodies in the seats...

Music for the moment - "Bodies" by the Sex Pistols

Z did this post where she mentioned the searches that brought visitors to her site. It's a pretty enlightening thought, wondering what people are looking for on the Interwebs that inadvertently bring them to where you post your thoughts.

You'd hope it would be wonderful uplifting keyword searches - people looking for inspiration by way of well thought out keywords. In the end, you'd have a boon of wonderful visitors as well as inspirational words to offer them. It would be a wonderful world for all, the lion would lie down with the lamb, and chimps would get the full rights they deserve as citizens - the chimps that wear pants anyway - because monkeys in people clothes are people too.

So, with all this hope in mind, I checked my search strings - the keywords that bring folks to my site.

Guess what the two most popular searches that bring folks to my site are?

"Corpse disposal" and "Proper corpse disposal"

They both point them to this post, which comes in rather high on Google when one searches those words.

Great. Who are you people?

Never mind, don't answer that.

Another popular search is for the words "official end of summer," where I come in at #1 on Google. That is a much tamer post, and indeed one which marks Z's first visit to this space.

Two other popular searches that lead to my visitors are:
Boobstock - that one surprised me a bit, but apparently people are looking for it
On this day I will marry my friend - that's a sweet thing to search for, but I have a feeling you kids may be a bit outnumbered and overwhelmed by the corpse disposal folks

Additionally, I get a wide range of people looking for cyst-related medical advice that leads them here, as well as ton of people looking in various ways for photos of the woman who allegedly posed nude on the Dodge Challenger at the 2006 Auto Show, which points them here.

Hey, however you end up here, I hope you stay. Even you corpse disposal people are welcome - mainly because you scare me too much to say anything.

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Angeline Rose Larimer said...

I don't think I ever told you that it was, in fact, my sudden need to dispose of a body which first brought me to you. Now I'm a little paranoid that other agencies have access to your IP addresses.
Maybe they won't be able to find our previous address and then they won't be able to dig up the backyard, either.

Anyhoo, that may have brought me here, but it's your dashing good looks, razor wit, charm, grace, and compassion for pants wearing monkeys that's kept me coming back.

That, and your beer can chicken recipe.

*My top search, I think, is 'man eating catfish,' which is the post that bonded me with Abishag. Sniff. I miss her so.

Will do a better job in August of staying in touch. Have to do a national tour next week, and don't know what my wireless access will be like.
Stay out of trouble until then. I can't handle another FBI interrogation this summer.