Friday, July 25, 2008

For the record...

Let me relate a bit of personal experience in order to save you some embarrassment for displaying a less than adequate amount of public decorum.

Upon entering the office, should someone ask, "How are you doing?", it's considered a faux pas to reply with the response:

"I'm feeling a little stabby today."

Just thought you'd all want to know.

Have a good weekend... I'm off to the beach for a few days.


Angeline Larimer said...

Yeah. They always want quick and positive on that one.

Have fun at the beach!!

Jennifer said...

Just admitting to feeling stabby can sometimes take a bit of the edge off, I think.

Earlier tonight, I was definitely feeling stabby. I said what was on my mind, and then I only felt thumpy.

All things considered, feeling thumpy isn't so bad.

Unless you're thumping with a tyre iron or something.

Sandy buttcracks, here you come!